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Why This Phrase Needs to Die

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Why "you can't pour from an empty cup" is a dumb phrase and we should stop saying it.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to keep up healthy habits. As a yoga teacher, it's been surprisingly hard to keep up with my own much as I love yoga, I still find it difficult to convince myself to get on my mat. I don't even know why! I have NEVER, not once, ever regretted practicing yoga. Or after practice, thinking: "Wow what a waste of time." Never has that ever happened. I KNOW I'll feel better after practice. So, why is it so hard to it? If you ever find the answer to that question, please let me know.

I do know that we have a hard time giving ourselves the same attention we give so easily to others. If you have an active family, it can be especially difficult to make time for yourself. But here's the thing...and it's so obvious, but still so difficult to accept... you can't pour from an empty cup. Ugh. You know what? I don't even like that phrase. Because it implies that our worth comes from giving. We have to take care of ourselves because we have to take care of others.

What if we stop thinking that way?

What if we take care of ourselves because our worth is inherent, and not dependent on others? It's time to show yourself love, attention, and care not because you need to fill your cup in order to serve others. But because you deserve to have your cup filled, period. If that happens to be yoga, then you are so welcome at my classes. If it's drinking a glass of wine while reading a saucy book after the kids have gone to bed, then get it, friend.

No matter what steps you decide to take to fill your cup (because you deserve it, period) I want to offer you these mantras. Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest.

  • I am worthy of love

  • I am worthy of self-care

  • I am worthy of rest

  • I do not have to earn love or rest and I do not have to work to deserve rest and love

"You do not have to do anything to be loved, and being who you are does not let others down."

-Mark Nepo

Fill your cup. For you.

Because it feels damn good to step into your power and own your worth.

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