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Yoga Studio

Yoga Foundations

Learn the basic tenets of yoga through workshops and practice

Saturdays at The Studio in Downtown Sanford, MI


Presented by Kelly Jeska

Kelly has been teaching since early 2019 and has over 500 hours of training. She knows how intimidating starting yoga can be, and how deep the well of knowledge really is. She specializes in teaching yoga to beginners in a way that is easy to understand, relatable, fun, and useful on and off the mat. By joining Yoga Foundations, you will be guided through workshops and practices focused on the basics of yoga. Are you ready to start your journey?

Three ways to join


Ready to start your journey?

In order to get the most out of Yoga Foundations, it's best to start each month with the Full Workshop and then join each Saturday for The Practice to continue the work.

That being said, you do have the option to break it up and start with just Learn & Explore, or The Practice and then join for The Practice on the following Saturdays!

Choose your own adventure, and I'll see you there.


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